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      All of our sealer is brush applied. We know this application process will give you the most protection per application. We will first perform our routine "prep" service, and then we will apply the sealer. We will cover the driveway with our custom mix sealer, work the sealer into the driveway by brushing it in several directions, and finally make the last brush strokes in a straight up and down manner. Our sealer dries to a Beautiful Black Finish. (Matte Finish not shiny)
Perfect Seal Driveway Services Standard Procedures
  1. Trim back grass edges to expose the asphalt.
  2. Use industrial blower to clean the driveway of dirt and debris.
  3. Treat all oil, gas, and grease spots with a petroleum sealant
  4. Fill all major cracks with a rubberized or acrylic crack filler
  5. Edge with a 3 inch brush around house, garage and walkways to maintain quality detail.
  6. Apply one coat of commercial grade coal tar blend sand mix sealer by brush application
  7. Block off driveway with string and flagging tape and hang signs proudly displaying our name at the end of the driveway
  8. Perfect Seal recommends that you do not walk on the driveway for 24 hours and do not drive on it for 48-72 hours.